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Text messages lead to political scandal and turmoil in Puerto Rico

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Ecuadorian musician connects with the land

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  • Text messages lead to political scand...

    Leaked text messages from ex-Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, contained offensive and derogatory language, and led to his withdrawl from office.

    The resignation followed mass protests that lasted for weeks. The demonstrations were made worse by continuing outrage over the handling of H...

  • One of the longest murals in the world

    Murals have been around for as long as humanity. The first ones were found in caves during pre-historic times. They allow individuals and communities to express their beliefs and leave behind evidence of their existence. Mural painting is distinctive in that it’s directly connected to architectur...

  • Voices from the Wall

    The Trump administration has long-called for the construction of a wall to stop migrants from crossing illegally into the U.S. Some have called for the border to be closed completely, while others say the wall is simply causing the death of migrants and won’t achieve its goal.
    What is clear, the...