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Americas Now Segments
  • Oldest Chinatown in Latin America makes a comeback

    Cuba has had a Chinese population since the mid-1800.
    In fact, at one point Havana was home to the largest Chinatown in Latin America. Today, many residents are in favor of revitalizing the neighborhood and bringing it back to its former glory.

  • Gender violence survivor becomes voice for Me Too in Peru

  • Controversy in Colombia in the war on drugs

    A recent U.N. report says coca production in Colombia has slightly dropped. However, it’s still too high and the country is at risk of losing U.S. funding to combat it. According to the government, the number of coca crops increased at least four times during the previous administration.

  • Chile’s latest artistic destination

    In Chile’s port city, Valparaiso, you’ll find over 40 hills and many staircases, steep streets and spaces that have been abandoned. It’s also a haven for artists.

  • Venezuela's other crisis

  • Ecuadorian musician connects with the land

    Our Urban Voice is a musician from Ecuador who is a former archaeology student. In his studies of ancient cultures he came across thousands of musical instruments made from raw materials. It helped him see a connection between music and nature. It also inspired him to “play” on instruments made f...

  • Text messages lead to political scandal and turmoil in Puerto Rico

    Leaked text messages from ex-Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, contained offensive and derogatory language, and led to his withdrawl from office.

    The resignation followed mass protests that lasted for weeks. The demonstrations were made worse by continuing outrage over the handling of H...

  • One of the longest murals in the world

    Murals have been around for as long as humanity. The first ones were found in caves during pre-historic times. They allow individuals and communities to express their beliefs and leave behind evidence of their existence. Mural painting is distinctive in that it’s directly connected to architectur...

  • Voices from the Wall

    The Trump administration has long-called for the construction of a wall to stop migrants from crossing illegally into the U.S. Some have called for the border to be closed completely, while others say the wall is simply causing the death of migrants and won’t achieve its goal.
    What is clear, the...

  • El Salvador migrant seek American Dream

    Every day, between 200 and 300 Salvadorans say goodbye to their loved ones and head north to the United States. That’s according to the El Salvador Migrant Institute.
    They leave without knowing if they will ever make it to their destination. Some get detained; some get discouraged and go back, w...

  • Student helps stop blast fishing in Colombia

    A marine biology student is trying to end an extreme way of fishing in Colombia. Blast fishing is a form of fishing in which explosives are used to increase a fisherman’s catch.
    In addition to killing hundreds of fish, it also shatters coral reefs. In many places it’s illegal.
    But Colombia is a...

  • Pedro Capo carries on musical legacy

    Pedro Capo was born into a family who left a mark in the world of music. His craft continues to make an impact as he continues to write a new chapter into his family’s legacy.

  • Venezuelans use currency to create art

    Venezuela’s currency has become so “devalued,” people are using it to make art.In Colombia, where many Venezuelans relocated to flee their country’s economic crisis, artists set up stalls to sell their creations made from the colorful banknotes.

    Take a look at these images of art made of money.

  • Lack of migrant labor hurting US farmers

    U.S. farmers who depend on migrants as “guest workers” for their harvest are facing considerable financial losses. It’s the result of migrants being detained and deported at the U.S. – Mexican border.
    One of the nation’s largest sources of agriculture is Southern California. The worker shortage ...

  • Raging wildfires engulf forests across Chile

    Intense forest fires have consumed tens of thousands of hectares throughout Chile. The multiple blazes have broken records and prompted the president to call them a catastrophe.

  • Raging wildfires engulf forests in Chile

    Intense forest fires have consumed tens of thousands of hectares throughout Chile. The multiple blazes have broken records and prompted the president to call them a catastrophe.
    In South America, high temperatures have led to another menacing weather event – massive wildfires in Chile. The count...

  • Peru’s Potatoes adapt to every eco-system

    Did you know that the potato comes from Peru? The humble crop was cultivated during the Inca Empire and for thousands of years before.
    In the 1500’s when Spanish conquistadors arrived, they encountered the potato and brought it to Europe.
    Today it’s grown almost everywhere and considered a top ...

  • Macaws add a colorful contrast to Caracas chaos

    They are exotic, colorful birds with sharp beaks whose natural habitat is the jungle. So why are they appearing on city balconies in Caracas, Venezuela?
    Some say they were released by animal traffickers. Other claim they escaped from the zoo.
    However they got there, they are a vibrant diversion...

  • Former FARC fighters create backpack business

    Since the signing of a peace treaty between the Colombian government and the former rebel group the FARC, ex-combatants are still struggling to reintegrate back into society. One community of former guerrillas is using the skills they acquired in the jungle as tailors – making uniforms and tents ...

  • Famous personalities made into pinatas

    The pinata has been a longstanding part of many cultures worldwide. In Mexico these days it’s at the center of birthday parties. Coming in all shapes and sizes, party guests take turns hitting the pinata with a stick in order to break it open and grab the candies and gifts hidden inside.
    In the ...

  • Legacy of Cuban musician Compay Segundo

    Over twenty years ago, the world was introduced to the romantic sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club. Their first album of traditional Cuban music has sold over 12 million copies since its release in 1997. The group of elderly musicians who recorded the album included Francisco Repilado, also kn...

  • Turning trash into compost

    Tourism development generally benefits local people and businesses. It contributes to increased jobs, sales and profits. It also generally relies on improvement to the area’s infrastructure. But increasingly appropriate infrastructure is being overlooked.
    That’s the case with one of Mexico’s t...

  • Breeding exotic frogs in Colombia

    A Colombian man is breeding rare frogs to save them from extinction through animal trafficking.
    After drugs and weapons, wildlife trafficking is considered to be the third largest illegal business on the planet. According to the US State Department the illicit industry takes in $10 billion each ...

  • Chile's salmon exports are big business

    Chile exports salmon around the world. The industry is barely 30 years old but has become one of the country’s most important export businesses.
    In 2018, several hundred thousand salmon escaped from their pen. Environmental groups and local communities labelled it a disaster.
    The growing ind...