Americas Now | Episode 7

Americas Now | Episode 7

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Americas Now | Episode 7
  • Social media fuels “Me Too” in Mexico

    The “Me Too” movement is a female-led campaign against sexual harassment and assault that gathered steam in the U.S. in 2017.
    Since then it’s spread around the world and brought sweeping change, especially in Mexico. One case has sparked a huge public and private debate. It involves a musician w...

  • Brazil’s Marta one of football’s best players

    Brazilian legend Marta Vieira da Silva is the most accomplished footballer in the world. She was born in a country where women were banned from participating in the sport for almost 40 years.

    She won FIFA’s “World Player of the Year” Award in six different occasions. The 33-year-old athlete ha...

  • Chile’s latest artistic destination

    In Chile’s port city, Valparaiso, you’ll find over 40 hills and many staircases, steep streets and spaces that have been abandoned. It’s also a haven for artists.

  • Ecuadorian musician connects with the land

    Our Urban Voice is a musician from Ecuador who is a former archaeology student. In his studies of ancient cultures he came across thousands of musical instruments made from raw materials. It helped him see a connection between music and nature. It also inspired him to “play” on instruments made f...