Americas Now | Episode 4

Americas Now | Episode 4

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Americas Now | Episode 4
  • Peru’s Potatoes adapt to every eco-system

    Did you know that the potato comes from Peru? The humble crop was cultivated during the Inca Empire and for thousands of years before.
    In the 1500’s when Spanish conquistadors arrived, they encountered the potato and brought it to Europe.
    Today it’s grown almost everywhere and considered a top ...

  • Raging wildfires engulf forests in Chile

    Intense forest fires have consumed tens of thousands of hectares throughout Chile. The multiple blazes have broken records and prompted the president to call them a catastrophe.
    In South America, high temperatures have led to another menacing weather event – massive wildfires in Chile. The count...

  • Macaws add a colorful contrast to Caracas chaos

    They are exotic, colorful birds with sharp beaks whose natural habitat is the jungle. So why are they appearing on city balconies in Caracas, Venezuela?
    Some say they were released by animal traffickers. Other claim they escaped from the zoo.
    However they got there, they are a vibrant diversion...

  • Former FARC fighters create backpack business

    Since the signing of a peace treaty between the Colombian government and the former rebel group the FARC, ex-combatants are still struggling to reintegrate back into society. One community of former guerrillas is using the skills they acquired in the jungle as tailors – making uniforms and tents ...

  • Famous personalities made into pinatas

    The pinata has been a longstanding part of many cultures worldwide. In Mexico these days it’s at the center of birthday parties. Coming in all shapes and sizes, party guests take turns hitting the pinata with a stick in order to break it open and grab the candies and gifts hidden inside.
    In the ...