Americas Now | Episode 2

Americas Now | Episode 2

Features on prehistoric cave art, centuries old traditions at a Bolivian festival, and the highest stadium in the world,

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Americas Now | Episode 2
  • Moon landing: Then & Now

    Fifty years ago, on July 20th 1969, man first walked on the moon.At the time it was a seemingly impossible achievement. By now, many people expected humans would be regular visitors to the lunar surface and would have put their first footprints on Mars. Neither has happened.
    However, in this new...

  • World's highest stadium

    El Alto Municipal Stadium is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. The world’s highest stadium can be found in El Alto, Bolivia’s second-largest city.

  • Brazil’s Nature Museum

    In 1973, a Brazilian archaeologist journeyed to an area of ancient rock and thorn forests in the remote, northeastern part of the country. Her research led to the discovery of some of the best preserved prehistoric art and relics in the world. They have also challenged the classical theory of whe...

  • Carnival of Oruro

    The town of Oruro is a city best known for its Carnival which brings together tens of thousands of dancers and an even greater number of spectators along the three-kilometer-long parade every year.

  • Protecting Giant Manta Rays

    Giant manta rays can live up to 40 years and weigh over 2200 kilograms (or 5,000 pounds).But their numbers have declined by up to a third globally and they are classified as vulnerable.
    They're under threat from getting entangled in fishing nets or being caught for their gill plates, which are u...