Americas Now | Episode 1

Americas Now | Episode 1

Featuring gun possession in Brazil, a solar eclipse in Chile, and rap queens.

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Americas Now | Episode 1
  • Brazil's gun laws

    Brazil recorded 64,000 murders in 2017. That’s three times higher than the level the United Nations classifies as endemic violence.And gun clubs in Brazil have reported a surge in interest ever since Jair Bolsonaro was elected President in October of 2018.

  • Fashion diversity in Colombia

    This fashion show includes runway models who are plus-sized, disabled, homeless, albino and indigenous.
    You could say it’s a catwalk that reflects real life.

  • Solar eclipse view in Chile

    The Coquimbo region in the Chilean desert will be the focal point for a total eclipse of the sun.

  • Queens of rap

    Two female rappers from Havana use lyrics to promote empowerment to women. La Reyna y La Real both recorded solo albums before getting together in 2012. They’re in the process of recording their first album as a Rap duo.

  • Football changing prisoners

    A sports team formed in a Mexican prison is changing the lives of inmates. American football has grown as a sport in Mexico, especially in border cities like Monterrey. One man began coaching a football team in unusual circumstances and today the team is generating buzz in the local leagues. Form...